How to Rent a Vacation Rental from Davies Davies

The Million Dollar questions: How do I get a vacation rental? Our website is set up with the listings running from most expensive down to least expensive, these listings include weekly, monthly, seasonal and some year round houses. We try to include whether weekly, monthly or season in our heading.  Availability is often written in red across the thumbnail on the rentals page to help you select something available when you want to come. When you click on the thumbnails it will open to show more details on the property including number of people allowed, number of bedrooms, baths, amenities, views and I write a short description of the house itself with details. It is not always noted whether a property is pet friendly or not as in some cases the owners will allow a certain size/type of dogs but not the general population. After you look over our site to see the type and selection of properties we have it is then probably easiest to send me an email at [email protected] with the following details:

  1. How many adults/children in your group? Age of the youngest as some houses not ideal for the very young. Please note that the number of people allowed is restrictive, most of the rentals are on septic tanks and so we have to govern the number of people using the systems.
  2. If you have a boat, how long is it? The largest size boat allowed at the docks, if there is a dockspace with the rental, is noted on the site. Please pay attention that if there is a covered dock and you are planning on getting a pontoon boat this may not work or we may have to make special arrangements..
  3. Any allergies or physical requirements of the rental, these would include first floor bedrooms, flat lawn, walk in to the water, few or no stairs, airconditioning, wifi etc.
  4. Pets, are you bringing a dog? We do not have any rentals which will allow a cat or other animals other than dogs.
  5. When and for how long do you want to come?

A common question is what do I need to bring when I come? Many of the rentals will not supply sheets and towels or kitchen linens, see note below about where you can rent. The houses are generally supplied with starter rolls of toilet paper and paper towels otherwise the responsibility for them is on the tenant. There are vacuums and brooms at the rentals for the tenants to be able to clean as well as usually some cleaning supplies, depending on how many used them before. Many of the rentals do not have laundry facilities due to the fact that they are on septic tanks . There are laundromats in Lake George Village, in Glens Falls and other locations which I hope to get listed one of these days.

When I have these details I will then send you an email linking what we have that might suit so that you can print out the descriptions and sit down with your party to determine which house works best for you.

When you have decided I will ask for name, address, phone, remind me number of adults/children and dates for the lease which I will produce and email to you  unless you request snail mail.

Payment increments vary according to the date of the lease and rental, if you are booking in the fall for the following summer in most cases I will do three increments, early winter that changes to two with balance due 7-8 weeks prior to occupancy. Please note that there is a bed tax in Warren County for rentals less than 30 days. There is a security deposit due on each house with the final increment. This should be returned within a month of the rentals completion.

Most of the rentals do not supply linens or towels. There is a service Warrensburg Laundry who will deliver and pick up the sheets and towels before and after the rental 518-668-2924. Please note that they do have a security deposit for the linens.

We have rentals on Hadlock Pond and sometimes other lakes if you are interested in a smaller lake