Cleverdale/Rockhurst Community Info

Cleverdale and Rockhurst are on the Cleverdale peninsula located on the south eastern side of Lake George off Route 9L to the east of Harris Bay and the Harris Bay Yacht Club. It is shaped somewhat like a mitten with Rockhurst being the thumb. They are residential communities with numerous walkers, bikers and skateboarders. At the junction of 9L and Cleverdale Road, easily identified by the yellow blinking light, is the Cleverdale Country Store with the Wine and Liquor Store to the side. The Cleverdale Post Office is at the corner and the North Queensbury Fire Department is just up the road. Beyond the Fire Department on the left is Castaway Marina. Behind the Cleverdale Store heading up Cleverdale Road is Davies-Davies’ office (our building is a brown log cabin). Continuing up the Cleverdale Road you’ll come to Boathouse Road leading to Lake George Boat Company and Takundewide Cottages as well as camps and homes. Passing Hillman Road Rockhurst Road comes up on the right. To go to Rockhurst you take that road and at the foot of the hill take a left onto Rockhurst Road, if you don’t turn you’ll be on Seelye Road. Rockhurst has one road up the center with lakefront houses on either side. Warner Bay Dockage is located at the beginning of the Rockhurst peninsula for launching and docking.

If you don’t turn onto Rockhurst Road off Cleverdale Road you’ll go past the large white barn, formerly part of Dr. Fielding’s cow farm, down the hill past Gunn Lane then Fielding Lane. Mason Road is on the left and that circles back onto Cleverdale Road. Directly on Cleverdale Road is Boats by George. At the upper connection of Cleverdale Road and Mason Road is the Sans Souci Restaurant with casual dining, ideal for families with menus suitable for children as well as the gourmet meals, generally open for dinner. There’s a bar area. Beyond the Sans Cleverdale Road runs to the end of the peninsula with lakefront houses on either side.

Cleverdale and Rockhurst are both longtime vacation communities, much of their earlier histories are described in Scott McLaughlin’s Barns Buggies and BB Guns: True Tales of Cleverdale [available at the Cleverdale store with many others relating to Lake George] and Howard Mason’s Backward Glances.

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